favorite people

this page is dedicated to all the awesome humans I know! I will keep updating this page when I meet new people! of course, only the best humans will be featured here.

1. My mom and dad: serena and chase! obviously they are the best! they take care of me everyday and I love them!

2. my mom's sister: miranda! she's so nice and sweet. i love when she comes to visit me.

3. my mom's parents: josh and dorothy! they are nice 2 me like miranda. I sometimes go over to their house. its pretty cool even though they have this weird dog there named gabby.

4. my mom's grandmas: margaret and ruthie! I like both of them a lot! I like to keep grandma margaret warm by laying on her lap when she comes over. I enjoy seeing grandma ruthie too because she is kind and reads to me.

5. miranda's husband: isaiah! i only met him a few times but he always pays attention to me when he is here. i super appreciate that.

6. my mom and dad's friends: brendan and katie! they are so cool! i especially love katie because she holds me and pets me when she comes over.

~~Honorable Mentions~~

I don't know these people very well, but I still think they need some recognition. maybe one day they will be promoted to the main list???

brendan and katie's tiny human: vash! what a cool name for a human! this human is the smallest I've ever met! he was very gentle and sweet with me.

brendan and katie's other tiny humans: teagan and delilah! these humans are still small, but not as small as vash. they have so much energy I get a bit scared, but they seem nice.

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