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there are so many fictional cats out there and you might be wondering: which ones are the best?? well you are in luck because I made this page to tell you all about the best and worst fictional cats!! this page will be updated with more cats when I think of new ones to add so keep checking back.

Garfield - 7/10. he's sassy and gets to eat human food so I think he's cool. not sure why he hates mondays tho.

Felix the cat - 9.5/10. this cat is classic. he gives cats a good name.

Cheshire Cat - 3.5/10. this cat kinda creeps me out...

Hobbes - 9.9/10. one of the best fictional cats. smart and funny.

Tom - 4.5/10. I wanted to rate him lower, but I feel bad 4 him. he makes cats look foolish.

Sylvester - 6.1/10. he is kind of a loser like Tom, but his design is overall better and he has more of a personality.

Tigger - 8.5/10. he has great energy! a loveable cat.

Hello Kitty - ???/10. according to sanrio, Hello Kitty isn't actually a cat?????? wtf. i might make a seperate page for her later.

Puss in Boots - 5.7/10. a bit overrated but he's ok. kinda funny sometimes.

Big the cat - 6.3/10. a big boy. not my favorite cat, but he's a good guy. helps his friends and knows how to fish.

Luna - 7.7/10. a cute cat with an important job. its not easy being sailor moon's familiar but this cat does a great job. she needs to relax a bit tho

Artemis - 7.9/10. a little bit better than luna but mostly the same. i like artemis because he has a calm demeanor.

Diana - 6.8/10. a bit annoying but she's still small. has potential.

Kirara - 9.6/10. a demon cat! she is both cool and cute. i like how she can change size (big or small) to suit her needs. a fiesty cat with charm.

Happy - 9.1/10. this cat has a loveable personality. i like how sassy he can be at times.


since there are so many cat inspired pokemon they get their own section

Meowth - 9.9/10. the classic cat pokemon. based on everyone's favorite lucky cat (maneki neko)

Persian - 9.8/10. a refined cat worthy of a high score.

Alolan Meowth - 9.0/10. a sassy spin on the classic Meowth design.

Alolan Persian - 3.4/10. what the heck happened here????? not refined, sassy, cool, cute or anything good.

Galarian Meowth - 4.6/10. looks more like the tasmanian devil, not cat.

Purrserker - 3.6/10. the evolved tasmanian devil. not a fan.

Skitty- 6.7/10. a cute design but nothing too special.

Delcatty - 6.8/10. i like this one just a bit better.

Espurr - 7.1/10. creepy but kinda cool too.

Meowstic - 7.8/10. a unique cat pokemon. i like that its pyschic type!

Litten - 9.2/10. wow this one is so cool. a fire cat!

Torracat - 9.6/10. it gets better!! i love the balance of sassy and cute in its design.

Incineroar - 1.3/10. wtf????? how could they do this to litten and torracat??? i recommend using an everstone on torracat to avoid this abomination.

Glameow - 7.9/10. a quirky little cat pokemon.

Purrugly - 1.5/10. this one is not representing cats in a good light. disappointed in u purrugly.

Purrloin - 7.2/10. another cute quirky cat tho in a different way from glameow.

Liepard - 7.5/10. a sneaky leopard pokemon. i approve.

Shinx - 8.4/10. aww such a cute little electric lion cub pokemon.

Luxio - 8.6/10. cute with a bit of an attitude.

Luxray - 9.6/10. wow this one is super cool! look at those eyes and that mane.

Litleo - 7.7/10. another cute lion cub, only this time its a fire type.

Pyroar - 9.2/10. i like how the male and female have different mane styles. very cool.

do you agree with my assessments? tell me why or why not by signing our guestbook! also if you have suggestions for other cats I should rate, let me know!


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