pictures of me!!

Welcome to my picture gallery! This page is filled with super cute, super cool pictures of me! I hope you enjoy browsing this page. Please don't take these pictures for your site without asking my mom first!

This is one of my favorite pictures which is why I picked it for the homepage. I am resting on my favorite spot on top of the couch.

I'm not sure why my mom took this picture so close! maybe because I have a cute nose?

I love resting on top of my scratching post

hehehehe I look silly in this one

I get a little too excited when my mom buys me new toys!

I don't remember what I was looking at here.. maybe a spider on the ceiling? or maybe the neighbors were being noisy

I love the sunlight

this blanket has darth vader on it. its really cozy.

me spying on the neighbors

me in the sun again. I think this was taken early in the morning.

my mom put a cool blue filter on this picture

wow!! this was the very first picture my mom and dad took of me. my dad is holding me while mom takes the pictures. they just signed my adoption papers :)

my very first christmas! I climbed the christmas tree before they had a chance to put lights up.

look how little I used to be.:) when my mom and dad come home from shopping I like to check out their purchases!

I was a very curious kitten. I was always roaming around and getting into stuff.

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